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About the Attestation .

The attestation services of GBSV & Co will help your company to remain compliant with all regulations, while also offering you value-added solutions. 

Through our independent attestation services, we offer verification of financial information. Our team has sector-specialized professionals who can help you with all your needs and concerns regarding the process.

We have the knowledge and experience to back up our attestation functions. These annual audits together with financial statements provide assurance for all parties involved that they’re being observed closely enough while still maintaining objectivity during this process

Services To Clients

GBSV & Co., established in 2018

GBSV & CO attestation offers you benefits such as Effective and efficient operation, Risk management support in internal control A regulations-compliant structure that is risk-tolerant with investments based on accurate financial statements. 

We at GBSV & Co, deliver effective attestation through our stringent regulations assuring document security and tracking. We ensure that you receive a hassle-free approval process for your documents in no time! We achieve it through as we go through a rigorous process to ensure that your documents are authentic and up-to-date.

We stay active on all modes of communication for coordination, including notarisation with multiple departments such as the ministry’s attestation office. Everything is accurate so you can avoid future problems!


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You can rest assured that we will solve your business query within an appropriate time allowing you to focus on other core activities.


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Our skilled and knowledgeable staff is available at any time to offer you the most comprehensive business consultation.


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With over 25 experts on board, we have the knowledge you need. Our clients can be confident that their needs will receive top priority and beyond from our skilled team of professionals!

About Us

GBSV & Co., established in 2018.

We make sure that every document is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. With our customer satisfaction policy at GBSV & Co., you can be rest assured about the quality of services we provide for your business or personal needs!. GBSV & Co., established in 2018 and based out of India offers a range of services to clients including Audit, Assurance Consulting as well Management Consultancy work
With GBSV & Co you can be assured of following:

  • Flexible and cost-effective solutions to suit your budget.
  • We have a team of dedicated accountants always available serve you.
  • Knowledge, resources to handle any business intricacy hassle-free
The attestation services



Most frequent questions and answers.

Customers need to remove the lamination before they can attest their documents.

We understand that you care about your privacy and we won’t misuse or pass on any personal information to a 3rd party.

With our experience and training, we ensure that all documents are correctly handled throughout the process of attestation. Attention is paid to each document in order for it not be lost or damaged during transport from collection till delivery

The original documents are needed for attestations and photo copies will not suffice.

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We have a well-established track record in providing tax advice, with many engagements to date focused on Indirect Taxes such as Excise Duty and VAT. We also offer Transfer Pricing Studies for clients who need assistance regarding their international business transactions or hidden income streams abroad.


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