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GBSV & Co., established in 2018.

We make sure that every document is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. With our customer satisfaction policy at GBSV & Co., you can be rest assured about the quality of services we provide for your business or personal needs!.
GBSV & Co., established in 2018 and based out of India offers a range of services to clients including Audit, Assurance Consulting as well Management Consultancy work
With GBSV & Co you can be assured of following:

  • Flexible and cost-effective solutions to suit your budget.
  • We have a team of dedicated accountants always available serve you.
  • Knowledge, resources to handle any business intricacy hassle-free
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We help our clients navigate the most critical transactions in their industries, no matter how complex they are. Our teams know your business inside out and support you throughout every step of deals' lifecycle to ensure success - whether that means helping with negotiations or analyzing potential pitfalls ahead of time. To get expert advice on Mergers and Acquisition, contact our premier consultants Now!

    Audit & Assurance

    Our Audit and Assurance Solutions covers the following:

    • Statutory Audit under Indian and International GAAP
    • Tax Audit
    • Agreed Upon Procedures
    • GST Audit
    • Special Audits
    The attestation services


    GBSV & Co

    Most frequent questions and answers.

    If you want to sell your business when it’s doing well, then start planning early. You’ll have more control over the timing of that exit if everything goes according to what plan is in place – which will give plenty opportunity for success!

    The answer to this question is yes. However, it might not in your best interest because you are probably not as knowledgeable about the M&A process, and selling a company takes time which can emotional attachment with life’s work etc.

    When selling your company, the buyer will determine its value. An M&A advisor can help you understand how to arrive at a reasonable estimate of what this market may be willing and able pay for it based on various methods used in Analysis Of Market Demand (AMOD).

    The things that make a company more valuable are how risky the investment is and how much growth and revenue the company has. Things like being part of good industry and having relationships with other good companies help make a company more valuable.

    Why Choose us?.

    Our Audit and Assurance Solutions help clients not only achieve their regulatory objective as an Attest function, but also achieve control over the business objective from an accounting and financial perspective. As part of the Attest function, we also offer sector-wise in-depth analysis of financials surrounding the business environment.


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    "GBSV & Co advised us on the successful sale of our business, very precise services and loved their attitude"

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