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This website and/or any part thereof (“Website”) is owned by GBSV & Co. For the purposes of these Terms Of Use, the expression “User” shall mean any person (including a Registered User) who accesses or uses the Website, and ‘Registered User’ means a User who has registered himself with the Website for availing the services provided therein. 

GBSV & Co allows the user to use this Website. The User agrees to obey all the Terms and Conditions, which include other terms and conditions throughout this Website. If the User is not happy with this Website or any part of it, or with any of these Terms and Conditions, the only solution is to stop using this Website.

The Website is considered to be used when the User accesses it using any means, including loading it into the computer’s temporary or permanent memory or an internet browser. GBSV & Co will accept its own records of the use of this Website and the transactions that take place on it as conclusive and binding. If you use this Website, GBSV & Co may end your use of it at any time for any reason without notice.

The User understands and agrees that GBSV & Co is a NETWORK SERVICE PROVIDER and an aggregator. The Website merely provides a platform to its Registered Users and viewing facilities to persons browsing/visiting the Website. All information posted therein is posted by Registered event partners of VConnect Management. generated contents and shall not have any liability for such content.


The Website can be used only by people who are able to enter into legal contracts. This means that people who are not allowed to sign contracts, such as minors (people under 18 years old), people with mental disabilities, and people who are still in debt, cannot use the Website.

If a minor wishes to use the Website, their legal guardians or parents should register themselves on the Website. GBSV & Co reserves the right to terminate any User’s membership and refuse access to the Website if we find out that they are under 18 years old. 

Users Account and Registration Obligations

You must be a Registered User to do anything on this Website. When you create a Registered User Account, we ask for some personal information, like your email address and password. This is so that only you can access your account.If someone uses this website, they need to keep their ID and password secret and not let anyone else use it. They also need to make sure that only they can use their computer and the websites that are on it.

The User Agrees to the following:

Please provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself when prompted by the GBSV & Co registration form.

If you give false or incomplete information, or if GBSV & Co has any reasonable suspicion that the information is false or incomplete, your registration will be cancelled and you will not be able to use the website.

You are not allowed to use any of the content on this website without written permission from GBSV & Co.

The User agrees not to submit any information that is illegal or could be used to harm others.

This content is inappropriate and offensive. It may violate the law by being defamatory, harassing, threatening, or invading someone’s privacy. It may also be hateful or racially or sexually offensive. 

Posting or submitting material that encourages or advocates illegal activity is not allowed on this website. This includes child pornography, stalking, sexual assault, fraud, trafficking in obscene or stolen material, drug dealing and/or drug abuse, harassment, theft, and conspiracy to commit any criminal activity.

If you share someone else’s copyrighted material, patent, trademark, or trade secret without their permission, you are violating their rights. You must not share anyone’s personal information without their permission. And finally, if you have any confidential information that you’re not allowed to share, don’t post it on our site. 

This website is for business purposes or to advertise or offer products or services for sale. It also includes solicitations for money, goods, or services.

If you post something that is inappropriate, it will be removed. This includes things like posting viruses or damaging the website. It also includes being disruptive, like “flaming,” “spamming,” “flooding,” “trolling,” and “griefing” as those terms are commonly understood and used on the Internet.

The User agrees that GBSV & Co cannot and will not make sure that other users will obey these Terms or any other part of these Terms of Use. The User accepts all the risks involved when other users do not obey the Terms 

You are not allowed to use the website for commercial purposes without written permission from VConnect Management. This includes any unlawful activities or anything that harms GBSV & Co, another person, or company 

sale of access to the Website or its related services on another website.

The Website and its related services may not be used primarily to make money from advertising or subscriptions.

 the sale of advertising, on the Website or any third-party website, that is targeted to the content of specific User Submissions or the Website content.

If GBSV & Co feels that you are using the Website or its related services to compete with or displace the Website’s content or user submissions, then your access to the Website and its related services may be terminated.

You cannot use this website without our written permission. 

The user understands that they may see submissions that are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable. The user agrees not to hold GBSV &Co or the Website responsible for any of this content and agrees to indemnify and hold GBSV & Co, its Owners/Operators, affiliates, and/or licensors harmless from any legal issues related to the user’s use of the site. 

The User must never use another person’s account without permission. The User handles anything that happens on their account. They need to keep their password safe and must tell the Website right away if there is a problem with their account.

 Even if someone else uses your account without permission, GBSV & Co is not responsible for any losses you may suffer. However, you may be responsible for the losses of others due to this unauthorized use of your account. 

The User agrees not to change or modify any part of the Website, including but not limited to any of its related technologies. The User also agrees not to:

Do not do anything with the Website that is not allowed. This includes trying to figure out how the Website works, copying it, or making changes to it.

Create a database of all the information on this website, except for your personal information.

Cache or permit someone to cache.

Do not copy or use any content from the GBSV & Co website without permission.

Do not do anything illegal when using this website, including but not limited to any communication or solicitation designed or intended to fraudulently obtain passwords or private information.

Do not use the Website to do anything illegal. This includes breaking into any computer or network, stealing passwords, or transferring or storing illegal material including threatening or obscene material.

Do not use the mail list or any form of auto-responder, or spam on the Website. Do not attack the Website with a virus or denial of service attack. Do not interfere with the working of the Website in any way.

The User agrees not to use any automated system, including without limitation “robots”, “spiders”, or “offline readers” that send more request messages to the Website servers in a given period than a human can reasonably produce. 

GBSV & Co allows people who run public search engines to copy any materials from the website, so long as they only do so to create a searchable index of those materials. However, they are not allowed to store or keep copies of the materials. GBSV & Co reserves the right to stop these exceptions. The User agrees not to collect or harvest any information from the Website, including account names. The User agrees not to use the communication systems for any commercial solicitation purposes. The User agrees not to ask other users of the Website for anything in return for a product or service.

You must obey all the terms and conditions of these Terms of User when using this Website. You must also obey all local, national, and international laws and regulations. 

GBSV & Co can stop providing any part of the website at any time.

Account Termination

If you infringe on the copyright laws, GBSV & Co will stop you from using their website. 

GBSV & Co has the right to decide if Content or a User Submission is appropriate and follows these Terms of Service for violations other than copyright infringement. 

If you violate these Terms of Service, GBSV & Co may take down your posts and/or terminate your account. 

If GBSV & Co decides, it has the right, to not let any user see this website or part of it. 

Disclaimer of Warranties

This Website is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Except as warranted in these terms, GBSV & Co expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied or statutory, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, data accuracy & completeness in the Website or any part thereof or any transactions entered into through the Website, and any warranties relating to viruses and non-infringement in the Website or any transactions entered into through the Website. 

GBSV & Co does not make any representations or warranties that using this website will not infringe on any patents, copyrights, or other rights of a third party. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by the User from this website will create any warranty not expressly stated herein.

GBSV & Co does not guarantee that the Website will meet your requirements or that it will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free. GBSV & Co also does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or material on the Website. 

Limitation of liability

The User agrees that GBSV & Co will not be responsible for any losses, including direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, that may result from using the website. This includes losses caused by personal injury, loss of profits, use of data or other intangible items, business interruption, loss of privacy or any other pecuniary losses. The User agrees that he or she will not hold the Website or its owners liable for any personal injury, property damage, unauthorized access to information, or any other damages that may result from the User’s use of the Website. GBSV & Co is not responsible for any errors or omissions on the Website, or for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of using the Website. This includes losses and damages that may be caused by using content on the Website, whether it is from GBSV & Co or from another source. 

The Registered User agrees that GBSV & Co is providing a platform to share certain information at its discretion. The Registered User agrees that GBSV & Co shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of this information.

If you post user submissions that are defamatory, offensive, or illegal, you will be responsible for any harm or damage that results.

There are services that the Website provides that are unable to use 

The Website might not be able to provide the services you want.

The Website does not work or is not able to do the job it is supposed to do.

If anything bad happens because of what we did or didn’t do, or because you got access to our data, you can’t sue us. 

The User agrees that GBSV & Co shall not be liable to the User or any third party for any damages arising from the use of, or inability to use, the Website. This includes, but is not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages.

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GBSV & Co does not endorse any of the merchandise. GBSV & Co has not checked if the information, content, or materials on this website or any other third-party website is correct. GBSV & Co does not make any promises about the security of information, content, or materials (including credit cards and other personal information) that people might share with any third party.

The User agrees not to sue GBSV & Co for any information, content, or materials found on our Websites (including, without limitation, User-Generated Content), on third party websites, or any information, content, and materials Users provide to such third party websites.GBSV & Co strongly encourages the Users to make whatever investigation the User feels necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any online or offline transaction with any third party.


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If GBSV & Co needs to do something to follow these Terms and Conditions, they might ask an affiliate to help. They can also transfer what they need to do under this contract to any other person without getting consent from the people who registered or use the site. 

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