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Protection Against Cyber Attacks.

We have an extensive range of knowledge in various fields, which is why we’re able to help no matter what kind or size enterprise needs protection against cyber attacks on networks as well as safeguarding data during litigation if necessary!

We are responsible for the design and documentation of financial controls in our company’s internal policy. We periodically conduct process reviews, audits as well as provide assistance with enterprise risk management.

We achieve it through understanding cost reduction studies that were implemented into ERP systems alongside evaluating information technology control measures


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GBSV & Co., established in 2018.

We make sure that every document is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. With our customer satisfaction policy at GBSV & Co., you can be rest assured about the quality of services we provide for your business or personal needs!.
GBSV & Co., established in 2018 and based out of India offers a range of services to clients including Audit, Assurance Consulting as well Management Consultancy work
With GBSV & Co you can be assured of following:

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A robust process for identifying and prioritizing critical enterprise risks is vital to an evergreen view. This way, you can stay on top of emerging threats that may change quickly in response to business environment changes

Key risks should be owned by someone or some group, function, and unit. Minimize gaps in risk ownership if not eliminate them completely to avoid unnecessary complications down the line

The successful implementation of risk management can be impeded by cultural issues and dysfunctional behavior, which undermine the effectiveness in determining appropriate courses or policies for managing those risks.

One clue that you may need a consultant is if your business has grown and everything is working, but there are still gaps in what they do. Another indication could just mean wishing for some assurance about how much information was covered before deciding on hiring them or not.”

Enterprise Risk Management.

With GBSV & Co you can be rest assured .

We have a team of dedicated accountants always available to serve you. We have solutions that fit your budget and are flexible too! We have the skills, knowledge, and resources to handle any business intricacy hassle-free.

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Risk assessment can be overwhelming and daunting for many organizations. GBSV & Co is here to help you take a step towards success by providing the necessary guidance! don’t hesitate, to contact us today!


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